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Environmentally Friendly

Sifto® Safe Step® prioritizes the well-being of people, pets, plants and the environment. We recognize the finite availability of the essential minerals we provide and are committed to the responsible stewardship of our resources.

With this sense of responsibility in mind, Sifto® Safe Step® develops products harvested through an environmentally-responsible process and are less corrosive and safer for people, animals, plants and the environment.*



*Compared to conventional ice melters, when used as directed

  • Salt-free and fast-acting
  • Gentler on pets' paws and skin when used as directed
  • Clears driveways and walkways quickly and efficiently 
  • Gentler on concrete and vegetation when used as directed
  • Unique, patented formulation
  • Gentler on people, pets and vegetation when used a directed
  • Melting power that outperforms other ice melter blends 
  • Patented formula contains our powerful melting catalyst, MG 104®, which helps prevent refreezing up to 2½ times longer than conventional products