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Sifto®Safe Step® is committed to developing products that not only melt fast and effectively, but are also safer for pets.* That was the mindset when we created our patented formulation, pet-friendly deicer. 


*Compared to conventional ice melters when used as directed

Pet owners are naturally concerned about the safety of their pets. Our patented, non-toxic ice melt formula doesn’t irritate pet paws or dry out their soft pads. 

  • All-natural and fast-acting
  • Gentler on pets' paws and skin
  • Clears driveways and walkways quickly and efficiently 
  • Gentler on concrete and vegetation when used as directed
  • Unique, patented formulation
  • Fastest-acting premium ice melter on the market
  • Works in extremely cold temperatures
  • Unique crystal shape provides rapid ice penetration and keeps product from scattering
  • Gentler on vegetation and concrete when used as directed